Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable future engineers with the skills they need to succeed and to inspire them by promoting creativity, teamwork, intellect, and philanthropy.

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Weekly Updates:

 - For all robotics members: Here's the powerpoint of all of the subsystems that we have! Check it out and see where you'd be interested in! Click here!

 - Hey Falkons!!! There's a meeting at lunch in Dr. Neat's Room 8102 on Wednesday December 10th! Join us and bring a friend!

 - We are actively recruiting volunteers to help at the Los Angeles Regional FLL Championships at La Canada High School on December 13 and 14! This event needs as many volunteers as possible! EVERYONE is welcome and we'd love your help!

Check out the newly made FLL Guide by alumi Isabel Martos-Repath!

Click here for the link!

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