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Inspiring kids to succeed in STEM

Together, we don't just build good robots, we build good people

Friends of Falkon Robotics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to support and grow Falkon Robotics.

Our nonprofit supports a wide array of STEM-focused programs in and around Crescenta Valley, including FIRST Robotics Competition Team 589 at Crescenta Valley High School, FIRST LEGO League teams for GUSD elementary & middle school students, and various events to expose and inspire young people to become the next generation of science + technology leaders.

Board Members

Heather Abrams

Board President

Heather Abrams graduated from CVHS in 2014, having spent 4 years as a student member of Falkon Robotics in the mechanical and business subteams. Heather currently works in a Project Management Office at Salesforce. She is thrilled to support Friends of Falkon Robotics as a board member - she served as the President in the organization's inaugural year. Her goals are to continue to grow Falkon Robotics and she loves the community outreach programs (particularly FIRST LEGO League) that Falkon Robotics offers.

Z72_1679-2 - Heather Abrams_edited.jpg

Bryan Ghoslin

Board Vice President

Bryan Ghoslin is an alumnus of 589 Falkon Robotics having participated in the 2010 through 2013 seasons. Inspired by his time on the team, he earned both a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering but has found a passion for teaching STEM to kids. Since 2014, Bryan has mentored 589 and has even served as the head mentor of FRC 696 for one season. Currently Bryan is working as an instructor for Technix Academy.


Aimee Beck

Board Secretary

Aimee Beck graduated CVHS in 2012. She spent three years on the business and infrastructure subsystems and served as Mentor in Training, supporting the team in Spirit and Business. Aimee has worked towards creating a greater sense of community on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, where she and her husband, who she met on the team, have been stationed since 2015. She is also currently working towards her Master’s in Nonprofit Management.

Samuel Sampson

Board Treasurer

Samuel Sampson is a Falkon alum from 2008-2010 and graduate of CVHS in the year 2010. He is now a Software Engineer at Google and a Master's student at Georgia Tech. Samuel is passionate about community development and dynamics, and software engineering excellence in robotics programs.

Mark Abrams

Board Member

Mark has been engaged with FIRST Robotics since 2002 and is a long-time mentor with team 589. When not working with robotics programs, he serves as Vice President of Engineering for Meggitt Engine Systems Flow Controls Product Group. He has been an aerospace engineer and leader of programs, operations, and engineering teams for over 30 years at companies like Parker Hannifin, Eaton, and General Electric. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tony Abdo

Board Member

Tony's pursuit in engineering that led him to a career at Tesla as a mechatronics design engineer all started thanks to 589 in 2009 when he joined for his first ever FRC season as a wide-eyed freshman. He immediately gravitated towards the Computer Aided Design (CAD) group due to his innate desire of designing solutions to problems, which he has stuck with a decade later as a mentor. In addition to mentoring, he is pursuing his interests in education as a Math and English tutor.

Jacob Poole

Board Member

Jacob was a member of 589 from 2012-2015. He participated with electronics and programming and ended 2015 as captain of the robotics team. Jacob continued to mentor on and off for the years he was in college. Jacob now is currently a computer science and engineering teacher at CVHS. Focuses: Electronics, Software, Outreach, Leadership

Thomas Peev

Board Member

Thomas is a space engineer, materials scientist, and STEMducator! He graduated from CV in 2010, and while he was a student member of 589 for two years, Thomas has served as a mentor for 6 years. Thomas' FIRST passions are in the design and manufacturing of the robot, teaching all skills along the way. He's currently working at Benchmark Space systems as systems engineer, and outside of work you'll most likely find him baking cookies

Thomas at Momentus - Thomas Peev_edited.

Stephen Beck

Board Member

Stephen Beck is a 2011 graduate of CVHS. He spent one season on the team as a programmer, where he met his wife. He has lived and worked at Ramstein Air Base Germany since 2015. Stephen has worked to better his community through volunteerism and mentorship. He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Security Policy and Management.

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