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TEAM 589

We don't just build good robots, we build good people.

Our Structure



External Operations



Our design team is in charge of using computers to design the robot before making even a single cut. The team uses computer programs (CAD) to plan out the exact measurements and dimensions to create the best possible robot for our competition.


Throughout the build season, Electronics/Pneumatics work hand-in-hand with software and CAD to plan the layout of FIRST and handmade electrical components. The subsystem involves adapting to wiring and placement configurations, and even utilizes soldering and potential sensors to expand our robot’s capabilities.


Visual strategy focuses on telling our team's story in a creative way through our pit, robot, and team design. Taking the concepts from the game, we bring our ideas to life with paint, styrofoam, and even cheese puff containers, conveying our message in a fun way that is sure to catch your eye.


Manufacturing is in charge of turning our brilliant ideas into solid pieces. We measure, cut, grind, route, weld, bolt, and assemble our materials, putting together months of hard work and planning into a final robot that we can send off to competition.


The software section on 589 works together to give life to our robots. The team uses Java to code the programs needed for the games played in the competition, whether it is moving the robot or shooting a ball. This subsystem makes sure the robot is ready for competition and ready to perform.


The Infrastructure team here on 589 is in charge of building all of our internal shop tools for the robotics team. They utilize their skills in woodworking to make replicas of game pieces for us to practice with, and also make additions to the shop in order to make the building experience the easiest for everyone.


Communications mainly takes responsibility for reaching out to other teams, applying for various FIRST awards, and handling sponsorships. We make sure our team has the proper finances to make 589 function. This subsystem discovers new opportunities through team connections and awards.

Engineering is responsible for building our robot. From the drawing board to the final product, our engineers move the process along. Some favorite skills learned include welding, programming, CAD, and using power tools.

External Op.


Fundraising is responsible for managing 589’s funds and oversees company sponsorship and grant proposals. We work to ensure 589 won’t be limited by monetary funds by planning various fundraisers throughout the year, and also organize event budget plans.

Public Relations

Our Public Relations chapter focuses on relating 589's mission to our team, school, and community. From managing social media, connecting with other teams, and growing our communal impact, we strive to create positive relationships between our members and the community they live in.


Recruitment focuses on spreading 589 to the school and community, inspiring others to join our team. We are in charge of strategizing ways to increase student engagement and planning events for prospective members.

Knowledge managment

Knowledge Management is in charge of all documents and files on the team, making them easily accessible for all 589 members. These officers also ensure that all of Team 589's memories, including present and past ones, are accounted for, whether that be in the form of photos, documents, or videos.


Our social team creates community building activities that encourage team members to bond in ways other than robot building. It entails brainstorming fun hang-out ideas, planning trips, and even coordinating with other student organizations!


589's Outreach team focuses on connecting with our local communities through stem-related events that our team organizes. Our goal is to spread recognition and knowledge of different stem ideas, to educate and teach the next generation.

External Operations is responsible for the business end of robotics. Communicating with sponsors, raising funds for the program, managing all data, and community outreach are some examples of what we do. 

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